I first made a movie in 2001 with a bunch of friends. My football playing days were over and I was looking for a new outlet. Committing to something creative seemed like a fun gap filler - except the experience got me hooked.  From there in my spare time I tinkered in film and learned the Adobe Creative Suite all whilst juggling work and raising a family. 
In 2013 I purchased my first drone and loved the cinematic potential that putting a camera in the sky offers.  To me drones are revolutionising how we humans perceive our world. There is something magical about seeing our environment from the air. What looks bland on the surface can be spectacular from the sky. What seems so critically important to us living on the ground can be small and insignificant when given the perspective of a camera high above.  
A lot of my films of today focus on landscapes. I am fortunate to live in a country with such a diverse and spectacular environment and in a city renowned across the globe for its beauty. I am compelled to capture as much of it as I can.
This website is a compilation some of my work across the years. I hope you enjoy it. 

David Moore
(Sydney, Australia)
A Note On Drone Regulations 
I am an advocate of adhering to drone safety and legislation at all times. Drone regulations have evolved in time since I first started flying and some of the footage featured in my movies is no longer permitted to be filmed.  
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